Life Lately

DSCN1438For two days last week, I sat in a cathedral packed with one thousand people gathered to listen to women speakers talk about Christianity and its place in our world. The talks were full of anger and hurt at how the church treats certain groups of people but there was also fierce, defiant hope for the future and for healing.

DSCN1442Stories of pain and redemption rang through the cathedral, each one drawing us closer to truth. A theme emerged– grace is given freely, not because we deserve it, but because we are so loved.

DSCN1455The cathedral was, is, and will continue to be a holy place, but for those two days, I can only describe the feeling there as transcendent. One thousand people gathered to proclaim our belief that the good news of God’s grace is not for a select few if you live your life according to certain rules but is for everyone. God’s grace is for everyone. No exceptions. Even if we’d like there to be.

DSCN1475And as I sat in the cathedral packed with one thousand people worshiping together, listening together, and singing together, the echoes of our songs pierced my heart and made me whole again.

DSCN1484“Hallelujah,” we sang. “Hallelujah!” The swells of music and a thousand voices singing as one washed over my aching heart and we wept together.

If this kind of love and inclusiveness is the future of the church, I am excited to do my part to bring that future here now. And, as I overheard someone saying, “If this isn’t what Heaven is like, I don’t want to go.”