Life Upheaval

These past 2 months have been incredibly busy. My work transferred me to another location and gave me 4 weeks to pack everything up, make all the arrangements I had to make, and then move. They wanted to give me 2 weeks, but that was a little much…

So, now I’m here in the new location, which is actually in my old stomping grounds where I grew up. It’s surreal being back in an employed capacity. I’m used to just swooping in for quick visits, so it’s taking some getting used to actually being back.

But it feels so, so good.

I’m back on the query wagon for my book and I’ve started writing a new one! It’s amazing how creative I can be when I’m in a place that’s more suited to me.

I’m back, baby! And I’m happy!


Upheaval and Settling In

These past few weeks have flown by. With the job offer, apartment hunting, packing, hiring movers, actually moving, and now the seemingly-endless unpacking, life has been incredibly busy.

I start my new job in less than a week and I am so excited! I’m embarking on a career and it’s thrilling and nerve-wracking and every emotion in between. This is definitely a new beginning for me.

My apartment is beautiful. Light and airy and perfect. There are a few quirks to get used to, but what new place doesn’t have those? It’s lovely to be out on my own again.

I’m hopeful for the future.

My life in flux

I know I missed Flash Fiction Friday yesterday and I’m sorry if any of you are upset about it (Z, I’m looking at you). I’m slightly disappointed that I didn’t have time to prepare something, but I have good news!

After graduating from my master’s program 9 months ago, I was finally offered a full-time sciencey type position! I’m incredibly excited about it, but it means putting my affairs in order, saying goodbye to the Hudson Valley and everyone I love, and moving 5 hours away. It’s been stressful and exhilarating and anticipation-inducing, but I found a place to live and will be packing up soon!

I am so excited for this opportunity. I love writing, and dream of being published, but science will always be my first love.